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We are not a record store-however, in dealing with thousands of jukeboxes over the years, we currently have access to over 30,000 45rpm records/matching jukebox title strips-mostly from the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's.  Original factory picture sleeves are usually available for a good number of these vinyl classics as well.  Most record sets (the 45 and its matching title strip) cost about
$1.00 each-primarily as a handling and stocking charge.

For the
Advanced Collector, we also stock a few hundred 7-inch jukebox LP records.  These "Operator Pack" records have 3 tunes on each side and play at 33 1/3rpm-specially designed for jukebox use.  These particular stereo recordings have "lost their original cardboard jackets" and are sold in plain white sleeves.  They are mostly from the "Big Band Era"-depending upon what is in stock at any one time.  These items usually sell at about $4.00 each.  During the early part of 1960, jukeboxes "introduced" the stereo record-a single 7-inch record (one tune on each side) that played at the slower speed.  Whenever these are available they sell at $2.00
each.  Due to the scarcity and perishability of these records, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

As a
Speciality Service, custom-printed (true to the original) title strips can also be ordered.  These are sold in sheets of 16 or 20-all different if you wish-tunes and artists as you desire.  You supply us with the songs and artists and then we print the strips to your personal specifications.  All title strips are printed on durable 58lb stock-thick but transparent, and we utilize paper stock that will not yellow with age as the originals seem to do.  Custom title strips cost .75 each-to defray the cost of laser-jet ink, paper cost, and labor involved in setting up your custom job.  A sheet of 16 is $12.00; a sheet of 20 is $15.00

You are encouraged to get in touch with us if you have any questions about records or title strips or if you want any further details.